Our business and projects

Trend Stone s.r.o. has a project-oriented business. Regarding our projects, the most promising of them are 

  1. Safe Joy Ride (transport) – Intellectual Informational System (SaaS Platform) for electronic transport coordination. The program contains comprehensive control of driving quality and traffic patterns, parental control, basic and professional driving skills training, exams, specialized virtual routes, automated traffic control.
  2. Chatterbox – Intellectual Internet service (software solution) for human well-being control. It provides possibility to communicate with healthcare professionals (nutritionists, fitness instructors, food delivery services, insurance, cooks, medicine etc.) by means of the mobile application for consumers; and direct communications with consumers by comfortable interface for healthcare professionals.
  3. Virtual Hospitality (tourism) – SaaS Platform for users, businesses and regional authorities providing a digital tourism ecosystem. This program offers best local services based on personal preferences, free planning tools, possibilities of on-line changing of route on demand and on-line payment for all services at optimal price, parking search.

Our project partners are nationally and internationally recognized companies, world-known universities and laboratories.

Our projects: 

We are open to B2B (business-to-business) collaboration, and we are constantly in search of new partners for R&D projects or international grant programs partnership.